Judy H. Wright Author and Speaker

Artichoke Press is an independent publishing press in Missoula, Montana.

Judy Helm Wright founded Artichoke Press in 1991 and since then has published more than twenty books. In the fall of 2013, Artichoke Press opened its arms to manuscripts from authors all over Montana and the United States.

Artichoke Press is happy to work with authors to publish their books and to start you off on the right track.


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 Bounce Back From Anything!

Are you struggling to balance the different areas of your life?
Do you wish you could overcome the adversity and experience emotional freedom?
Learn to become a resilient Bounce Back Person with Empowerment Coach/Author & intuitive Wise Woman, Judy H. Wright.

"Out of Balance? How to be a Bounce Back Person" for FREE

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With this inspiring book Out of Balance – Be a Bounce Back Person, you will achieve new methods

  • To see every challenge as an opportunity
  • To see your everyday struggles as stepping stones
  • Master your fear and find new strengths
  • Gain techniques to find resiliency and rhythm in your life
  • To experience emotional freedom from doubt, discouragement and despair
  • Master setting boundaries and being consistent in keeping them
  • Ask for what you want in life

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Miss Levine said "On every page there is something that can be life changing. It's almost over-whelming."

Janice seconded that with her sentiment "I am so much more at peace and my family has never been happier."

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