101 Encouraging Words and Phrases To Empower You and Your Child

1. You are one smart cookie
2. You break a hard job in smaller tasks- good thinking
3. Just being around you can brighten my day
4. Can I give you a hug for your effort
5. That was a great answer; it shows you know how to think problems through
6. You have a good heart. I really appreciate that/
7. That was thoughtful of you to share with your brother.
8. You are right. Thanks for explaining that to me. Now I see your point of view.
9. You have a wonderful imagination.
10. You have got it now. Proud of you for keeping on till you figured it out.
11. That is a great try. Nobody masters things on the first try. We all have to practice.
12. Wow, that is neat. I am impressed.
13. Honestly, I just think about you and I get a smile on my face.
14. I really like you. You have so many characteristics of a good friend.
15. That was very nice of you. You have a good heart. Thanks.
16. Exceptional!
17. What careful work. I can see that this project matters to you.
18. That is a great idea. Tell me how you thought of it.
19. Sometimes I am busy at work and I think of you and I just start smiling.
20. Wow. You are very artistic. Tell me what the colors mean to you.
21. Thank you for being honest. It is hard to tell the truth, but I promise I may get mad at what was done (or not done) but I will never punish you for telling us the truth.
22. I support you in your endeavors.
23. Just know that I am always in your corner cheering for you.
24. Keep trying; you are getting much better at this.
25. I’ve got faith in you. You have succeeded so many other times.
26. You are the greatest problem solver. You seem to see methods that others just miss.
27. I really admire the way you are concerned about other people’s feelings.
28. You are the kind of friend that everyone would like to have.
29. You are on the right track, just keep going.
30. I have been noticing how clever you are at solving problems, bet you can figure this out too.
31. You are very unique and original. There is no else in the world just like you.
32. You have got what it takes to succeed in your heart and your head.
33. What would I ever do without you?
34. That idea sounds great; let’s move forward with it.
35. I am proud of your good sportsmanship. Winning is not nearly as important as enjoying yourself playing the game.
36. Wow, once again I am amazed at the maturity and judgment you show.

37. You were very brave and I admire your courage.
38. You have such a great imagination. You think of things in a very innovative way.
39. You are a beautiful person inside and out.
40. You are kind. You are good and you are important.
41. Keep up the good work. You are really making progress.
42. I like to listen to your ideas; conversations with you always make me think.
43. Dynamite Thinking.
44. Hurray for you!
45. I have noticed how polite you are to older people. Thanks for being so considerate.
46. You are a super listener. I noticed how much it meant for your friend to feel like you were really paying attention to what he was sharing.
47. Thanks for doing your chores without being reminded. That shows how responsible you are becoming.
48. You’re helpful to the neighbors. I love to hear good reports about your behavior.
49. Thanks for caring and sharing.
50. You are fun to hang around with.
51. It’s easy to see how much you have improved. That must feel good to you.
52. I trust you to tell me the truth and I will promise to tell you the truth.
53. Hey, Buddy! Looking good.
54. Hey, Good Looking! You look sharp today.
55. Thanks for being you.
56. That is a great idea, I am glad you thought of that.
57. I bet you can figure out a system that will make this easier to do.
58. Your acting (singing, whistling, dancing, skipping, hopping etc.) is so enjoyable to watch.
59. That was a great game you played.
60. I really appreciate you staying late to finish up the project.
61. I have been trying to remember all the good things you do instead of criticizing what doesn’t get done. I am surprised at all you accomplish each day. Thanks.
62. I know that was hard for you to do, but I admire your courage.
63. You really have a good head on your shoulders.
64. Have I told you lately how proud of you I am?
65. Have I told you lately how much I love you?
66. You are very respectful. That means a lot to me.
67. You have a special talent at seeing the humor in a situation.
68. You have a special talent in helping others to see alternatives.
69. You do a good job of calming a situation down that might have been exploded.
70. You are very strong, both on the inside of your heart and in your body.
71. I am really proud of you. I always knew you could do it.
72. You are a “good finder” instead of a “nit picker” and I appreciate that.
73. People really appreciate your leadership abilities.
74. You have a unique learning style and can grasp ideas most people miss.
75. No matter where you go or what you do in life, always remember you are loved unconditionally.
76. I will always be grateful to have you in my life.
77. You are such a neat person. You are just like sunshine to my soul. Thanks for being you.
78. Thanks for being cooperative today when you knew I was busy.
79. Your intelligent ideas are really fascinating to listen to.
80. I respect your courage to be imperfect and show your vulnerability as well as your strength.
81. Thanks for exercising with me. You put a high value on being healthy.
82. Each Monday brings a new start to the future. Let’s go get ‘em.
83. I like nurturing you and taking care of you. It makes me so happy when we cuddle.
84. I am honored to be your parent
85. It is fun to see your growing independence.
86. You can trust yourself. You are intelligent and a problem solver.
87. I will be here to help you make responsible choices.
88. You have the talent to make your dreams come true.
89. You have some great ideas and thoughts. Thanks for using me for your sounding board. Do you want me to just listen or to give you kind feedback?
90. I love to smell your hair in the morning. It smells like “Here is a new day. Watch out world, here I come.”
91. It makes me so happy to see you taking smaller bites. Good manners are making sure the people around you are comfortable.
92. I am glad we decided to allow you to be completely responsible for the pet. In the beginning, I was worried but you have shown that you are responsible.
93. Learning new things is often hard. It has been a pleasure watching you jump right in and tackle geometry.
94. Hurrah for you for acknowledging your mistake. If we aren’t making any mistakes, we probably aren’t learning much.
95. You are becoming a life-long learner. Isn’t it fun to learn at least one new thing a day?
96. What are you going to dream about tonight?
97. Isn’t it amazing to see how much more alike than different we are with other people?
98. Perfection is not possible, but harmony is! We can get along if we respect and honor what other people need.
99. Thank you for telling me what you need to make you happy right now. That is not what I would have guessed.
100. Thank you for listening to me and for forgiving me when I jumped to conclusions. We all make mistakes and it is okay to apologize when we were wrong.
101. Thank you for being patient with me as I learn to be a loving adult and teacher.