Reframing Past Emotional Hurts (EXPERT)

We have all had emotional wounding in our lives.  Usually the negative beliefs about our capabilities, appearance or skills were given to us by someone in our early life experience.  The hurt or criticism was typically handed

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We have all been hurt and sad before. The greatest excercise is to walk….walk away from hateful people. Can you re-frame a bad situation? See http// for assistance. You will be glad you did.

out by a caregiver, parent or teacher. They may even have had the best of intentions and really loved us, but did not know how to express that love in a positive manner.

Reframe Past Hurts

Reframing is a process of consciously choosing the thoughts you have about your memories and experiences.  You cannot make past events go away.  What happened to you is real and is a part of who you are.

However, you have the power to control your future and the ability to have another look at what happened. In the worst of experiences, there was some good.  You can choose to reflect on the life lesson learned in the experience and focus on that rather than the sad or traumatic emotional wounding that occurred.

It is as if you have been given a family portrait from your grandmother’s estate.  You value the picture, but the frame does not go with your style of decorating.  You simply re-frame the photo by putting a new frame around the old picture.  It now fits who and what you are today.

Virginia Dunstone M.S. in her book Why Do I Do What I do? suggests we ask ourselves these questions about past hurts;

  • Can I change what happened?
  • What is right about this picture?
  • What does the situation teach me?
  • Who would I be without this experience?
  • Who are the teachers in this memory?
  • What did they teach me?
  • How can I serve others with what I have experienced?

Past Hurts Can HealWhen we understand that what may have occurred in a vulnerable time in our belief forming years may no longer be relevant, if it ever was, it is easier to let the emotional wounding go. They may shape the adult we became.

Empowerment can come from overcoming emotional wounding and recognizing that we no longer need to carry that burden  of hurt from the past. We can choose to see these wounds through the lens of a victim or change the perception by choosing to look at them through a new and better frame.

Look for Mentor or Teacher To Build Confidence

As you go through this journey of life you will need a mentor, guide or teacher who can assist you in putting new frames around old emotional wounding and past hurts.  Please allow me to be that support system for you.

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Start Gathering Family Stories Today

Everyone has a story. Our stories define who we are as a person and what part we played in the stories of our tribe. Each of our stories has a life lesson that we learned and we can teach to others. If you want your children’s children to know your loved ones, it is up to you to gather those stories

Share Your Story

Do you wish you knew the reason your grandfather left Poland? Did you ever ask him? Perhaps he was embarrassed or sad about leaving his homeland and family members there. Maybe he thought by not talking about the past he would be free to move forward in his new life.
Or, maybe, no one sat down and showed enough empathy and interest to gather the story.

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Want To Be A Writer? Then Write

If you have always wanted to be a writer, then this is the perfect time in history for you.  With the current and upcoming technology, you can accomplish in hours what would have taken days before.

One thing to keep in mind is that today’s readers want condensed and to-the-point information.   They want to know how-to and where-to and what’s next.  The success of Amazon’s Kindle and other tablets and phones has made it possible to research and read almost anywhere on Earth, without touching a physical book.

Tips On Writing Fast & Editing Later

1. Don’t worry about literary style. Write your story as if you were sitting at the
kitchen table swapping tales. Be yourself.  People want conversational style more than ever.

2. Include lots of details. Remember what was going on in society, the family,
and the neighborhood as well as physically and emotionally with the people
involved in the story.

3. Remember the five senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and feel. Help the
reader relive the memory with you.  When you can paint a picture with words, you know that the reader is right there with you experiencing what you experienced.

4. Edit out 10%. You will be amazed at how much better it is when you take out
the extra words and phrases. Now edit out another 10%. Stephen King, famous author of many best sellers says that all his work is edited at least 9 times.

5. Let others read it for content, grammar and flow. Listen to their suggestions. If one or two people tell you the same thing it is an opinion, however if 3 or more tell you it is an observation that you should definitely consider.

6. Don’t allow others or yourself to criticize too much. You are your own worst
critic. It doesn’t have to be perfect or to please everyone. It just has to be
done. Many generations will be grateful you took the time, energy and risk to
record some small part of history.

7. Re-write or correct passages. Let it sit for a few days and then you may want
to tighten it some more.

8. Finish the thing! It will never be completely done, but bring it to a logical
conclusion, and be able to let it go and start on another project.

You are a writer -never forget it- just keep writing!

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