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Leaving a Living Legacy
Definitions of Written Life Narratives
By Judy H. Wright

A comprehensive listing of over fifty methods of writing your history.
This booklet is filled with information, anecdotes, and examples to assist historians, journalists, instructors, or writers in clarifying which methods will best suit their purposes.

A must for life story writing classes.

Leaving a Living Legacy

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Kids, Chores & More
How to Get Your Kids to Help at Home
By Judy H. Wright

A practical parenting guide, written by a real expert – a real mom of real kids who actually do help out at home! This book gives you ready to use advice that can be applied today. You will not find solutions on how to get a clean house, but rather how to have cooperative children. It also contains a full section on realistic expectations for each age group.

  • Learn how doing less for your children will give you more quality time with them.
  • Find over 50 specific ideas to make getting help from your kids more fun and enjoyable.
  • Discover practical tips for organizing your home to make housework easier for everyone.
  • Learn techniques to reinforce positive actions and discourage unacceptable behavior.
  • Find many more ideas you can actually use to help you get the household help you deserve.


  • Introduction
  • Household Goals
  • A Parent’s Role
  • The Balancing Act
  • Family Council
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Primary Grades
  • Intermediate Grades
  • Middle School & Junior High
  • High School
  • Ways to Get Kids to Help at Home
  • Getting Organized
  • Organizational & Teaching Tools
  • Follow-ups and Reinforcement
  • Pulling It All Together

Kids, Chores, and More

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101 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help at Home
By Judy H. Wright

“A positive identity hinges on positive life experiences.” – Judy H. Wright

If those positive experiences can take place in the relative safety and security of the home then so much the better. The more successes a child has, the better he feels about himself and his place in the world. When we teach our children to work, the whole family comes out a winner. The child feels greater self-esteem, independence and sense of belonging. The parents feel relieved of some of the workload, less manipulated and more successful is seeing their child develop life skills.

“I get to unload the silverware now, but when I am 4 years old, and then I get to feed the dog. You have to be pretty responsible when you feed the dog, because they can’t just get cereal if they are hungry.”
– Ridge, age 3

  • Are you children responsible for chores?
  • Do they have to be reminded again and again to take the garbage out?
  • Do you have to reprimand them when they forget?
  • Are they resourceful in solving problems?
  • Do they really know how to clean the living room or are they just rearranging the dust?
  • Are your expectations reasonable?
  • How about recruiting other family members to keep the house and life running smoothly?
  • Does your family rotate chores so every one has an opportunity to learn life skills?
  • What is the difference between a reward and a bribe?

Wow! There “R” a lot of questions and what you really want is answers or solutions? Right?

The most important R is Relationships and the good feelings that come to a family when everyone contributes in the sweat and the sweet. Contrary to what the kids may think, this is really about teaching life skills and team work. Those children who help at home do better in school, music and sports. The ones who have learned to respect people and property are assured of always having a job in the world of work.

“Thanks for teaching us how to see things that have to be done and just doing them. As a manager I am astounded by how many people in the workplace wait to be told what to do.”
– Our adult daughter

This ebook is a compilation of ideas, techniques and methods that have come from not only our house with six children, but also from families in the parenting classes I teach.

Each family is unique in their skills, levels of frustration and expectations. So you will want to use these ideas as springboards for conversations at your house. However, every family is similar in that we all want peace, security, acceptance and acknowledgement of effort.

“I am glad you told us to keep starting over with chores for the kids. It would be so much easier to just do it myself. I have to remind myself that I am training them for the future, not just for today.”
– Maris, mother of two boys

You will be glad that you received this assistance in raising resilient, reliable, respectful and resourceful kids. Some day at a family reunion, as they review their childhoods, they will tell you thanks for teaching them to work at home. I know, because our kids have.

101 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help at Home

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Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words
By Judy H. Wright

  • Are you discouraged and filled with anxiety?
  • Are you worried about the future?
  • Does the economy have you afraid of losing your job?
  • Do you have a Plan B, if what you are doing fails?
  • Are old negative tapes running through your thoughts?

You deserve to recognize your special qualities and attributes. This self knowledge of what makes you unique and an asset to any relationship, personal and professional, will help you overcome any obstacles.

Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words is not a bunch of woo-woo platitudes and pat answers. Nor is it an academic study of what worked in a psychology lab. It is written by an Auntie (wise woman who loves unconditionally and supports your efforts) who has worked with thousands of families and individuals who want to make a good life for themselves and their families.

Across all ages, economic and educational levels, confidence and a belief in what you contribute increases life satisfaction and happiness by 40%. Your attitude about life has a ripple effect on all of those around you. When you are confident about your skills and talents, others will trust you more readily.

“I am amazed how much my focus shifted after doing the goal exercise. Now I see that I was much too general in what I wanted. No wonder I was always frustrated and felt like I had failed once again! I didn’t fail; I just didn’t see where I had succeeded. Thanks for sharing this day with us.”
– Nancy, Participant in Confidence Workshop


  • Self-Confidence is a Learned Skill
  • Positive Action Follows Positive Thought/li>
  • Communication is More Than Just Words
  • Building Respectful Relationships
  • Encouragement is a Gift of Courage
  • Correcting Others in a Supportive Way
  • Nurturing Children with Love and Respect
  • Appreciate and Acknowledge Success
  • Words & Phrases for Positive Thoughts and Actions

If you are anxious, nervous, or afraid, then this interactive book will assist you to be:

  • More Calm and Centered in stressful situations
  • More Courageous to try new ideas and opportunities
  • More Outgoing in social situations
  • More Assertive in setting boundaries
  • More Skillful at reframing negative thought patterns
  • More Confident and Sure about your Future
  • More Valuable and Non-replaceable in the workplace
  • More Positive and Assured about your talents and skills
  • More Attractive to new Relationships, both personal and professional

You and you alone can discover the hidden potential in your heart and gain a deeper level of peace through the use of encouraging words. This is a tool that can help you see and appreciate the positive when all around you is negative and discouraging.

Your life has purpose and meaning.

Please order this affordable and effective book today. You will be glad you did.

“It is very hard and emotional work to look at yourself and how you have been sabotaging your self with negative thoughts your parents told you forty years ago. They were wrong, I am not worthless. I will keep working on the list of successes you gave us to remind myself that I am capable and smart. I want to do better with my children and I will start today.”
– Kathy, participant at parenting conference

Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words

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Cultivating Character
Words and Expressions for a Happier Life

By Judy H. Wright

This inspiring little 25-page ebook will help you recognize the power of your thoughts and find ways to harness that power to improve your life. Written like a dictionary (with the addition of Judy’s personal guidance and stories) this book will help you recognize the negative thoughts that have been sabotaging your life and teach you how to change those thoughts into positive affirmations that will empower you to live a happier and more meaningful life.

Cultivating Character

Use Encouraging Words to Motivate Positive Action on jvzoo

Use Encouraging Words to Motivate Positive Action
By Judy H. Wright

Learn encouraging phrases to help build confidence in your children and family.

It is so important to encourage and inspire your children to help them become confident self reliant adults.

Buy this book today. You’ll be so glad you did.

Use Encouraging Words to Motivate Positive Action

Home Maintenance – Who does what to make our house a home? on jvzoo

Home Maintenance – Who does what to make our house a home?
By Judy H. Wright

  • Do you want some help keeping the house clean and maintained?
  • How would you like to have more cooperative kids?
  • How about the “perfection police” who only want it done one way?
  • Does anyone even care or appreciate all the decorating you do for the holidays?

In a survey of 250 children, over 98% honestly felt they should work at home and most felt they were already doing their share if not more! Perception become reality and many of us, adults included, don’t realize that picking up a loaf of bread occasionally does not constitute grocery shopping!

“I don’t mind doing chores as long as I can have music on and do it my way. It really bugs me though when my mom criticizes the way I do things.”
– David, age 13

This little priceless ebook is a compilation from focus groups of parents, grandparents and families who shared what it takes to keep a home running smoothly. The more ideas that were shared in a group setting, the more the eyes were opened to how many activities it takes daily, weekly, monthly and annually.“The focus group was so fun last night. My husband was astounded by how much there is involved in running the house. I think he really thought the underwear fairy washed and folded his boxers and put them in the drawer. Not any more!”
– Janie and Jon, participants in focus group

What you will gain from purchasing this ebook:

  • Printable chore charts for every room in the house (and more!)
  • The right to make copies for every member of your family, so they can each fill out what they believe is their responsibility
  • Guidance for a family council where you can share your lists and decide how you can allocate chores fairly.
  • Assisting your children in assuming personal responsibility
  • Teaching family to appreciate and acknowledge how much work one person may have been doing
  • Deciding as a family what activities to stop doing or hire out

So, if you are looking for a way to organize the seemingly never-ending chores around your house and want to have an easy-to-use system for delegating chores amongst family members, then this ebook is a must-have!

You will find 50 pages of tips, suggestions, and printable postable chore charts for each room in the house. No more nagging the kids to clean their room. Now, you can post a daily duty chart on their door for them to follow. Use of these tried and true methods (believe me I’ve been there!) will help make housework less stressful so that you can have more quality time to enjoy with your family.
Whether your kids are toddlers, teenagers or the 4 legged kind that create hair balls for decorations, you will find this book invaluable. Order it today. You will be glad you did.

Home Maintenance - Who does what to make our house a home?

Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words MP3 on jvzoo

Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words
Enjoy Judy’s Downloadable MP3 Audio!

Words, thoughts, and non-verbal expressions send vibrations into the universe and messages to the listener. What we say and think about we bring about. If you have a desire to increase self confidence, praise the attempts and focus on success.
You will be able to download the MP3 file as soon as you purchase this audio. You are then free to listen to it on your computer or upload it to your iPod of MP3 player. Listen and learn while you exercise, work or relax. You will love Judy’s approachable, non judgmental way of helping the participants find their own answers.

Audio length: 1 hour
Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words MP3