How to Discipline Without Damage: Empowering Your Child’s Spirit, teaches one what it truly means to discipline.

How to Discipline Without Damage

The difference between discipline and punishment is the takeaway. One being disciplined learns not to repeat the action. One being punished learns not to be caught doing the action.

You can manage a problem or prevent it from occurring all together. Would you rather empty a bucket from underneath a dripping faucet or fix the leak? Choosing modes of correction is the prior, whereas disciplining is the latter.

Screaming and spanking are not teachers, but rather modes of correction (ineffective ones, at that). They don’t teach children to stop a behavior, just to get better at hiding it.

Disciplining through peaceful methods models dignity, respect and kindness. These values will, in turn, be instilled in and modeled by your children. The key aspect of discipline is to teach, not punish. Through natural and logical consequences rather than punishment, your child will learn desirable behavior.

In this book you will learn:
• The Mistakes You May Be Making in Modeling Behavior
• The Difference Between Outward and Inward Responsibility
• How to Help Children Be Problem Solvers
• How to Repair or Rebuild a Broken Boundary or Relationship
• And Much More


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