CIRCLE OF LIFE – Parenting, Friendships, and Relationships

Our lives revolve around our relationships with others. Healthy interactions with others have a tremendous power to instill happiness and confidence in us, while negative interactions can be just as powerful in ruining our self-esteem. The basic guidelines of relationships are the same, whether you are dealing with a coworker, friend, lover, parent, child, or acquaintance. The resources on this page will give you wonderful insight and practical principles that you can use to improve any relationship.

As a parent, you have the most important job in the world.  The resources on this page will help you in your search for answers to some of the many challenges you face in raising a happy and productive family.

You may also want to visit my blog,, where I share my experiences as a parent, grandparent, and family relationship coach.  I encourage you to post your comments so that we can build a dialogue and community of mutual caring and respect.

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