Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words


Building Self Confidence with Encouraging Words is not a bunch of woo-woo platitudes and pat answers. Nor is it an academic study of what worked in a psychology lab. It is written by an Auntie (a wise woman who loves unconditionally and supports your efforts) who has worked with thousands of families and individuals who want to make a good life for themselves and their families.

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By Judy H. Wright

  • Are you discouraged and filled with anxiety?
  • Are you worried about the future?
  • Does the economy have you afraid of losing your job?
  • Do you have a Plan B, if what you are doing fails?
  • Are old negative tapes running through your thoughts?

You deserve to recognize your special qualities and attributes. This self knowledge of what makes you unique and an asset to any relationship, personal and professional, will help you overcome any obstacles.

Across all ages, economic and educational levels, confidence and a belief in what you contribute increases life satisfaction and happiness by 40%. Your attitude about life has a ripple effect on all of those around you. When you are confident about your skills and talents, others will trust you more readily.

“I am amazed how much my focus shifted after doing the goal exercise. Now I see that I was much too general in what I wanted. No wonder I was always frustrated and felt like I had failed once again! I didn’t fail; I just didn’t see where I had succeeded. Thanks for sharing this day with us.” – Nancy, Participant in Confidence Workshop


  • Self-Confidence is a Learned Skill
  • Positive Action Follows Positive Thought
  • Communication is More Than Just Words
  • Building Respectful Relationships
  • Encouragement is a Gift of Courage
  • Correcting Others in a Supportive Way
  • Nurturing Children with Love and Respect
  • Appreciate and Acknowledge Success
  • Words & Phrases for Positive Thoughts and Actions

If you are anxious, nervous, or afraid, then this interactive book will assist you to be:

  • More Calm and Centered in stressful situations
  • More Courageous to try new ideas and opportunities
  • More Outgoing in social situations
  • More Assertive in setting boundaries
  • More Skillful at re-framing negative thought patterns
  • More Confident and Sure about your Future
  • More Valuable and Non-replaceable in the workplace
  • More Positive and Assured about your talents and skills
  • More Attractive to new Relationships, both personal and professional

You and you alone can discover the hidden potential in your heart and gain a deeper level of peace through the use of encouraging words. This is a tool that can help you see and appreciate the positive when all around you is negative and discouraging.

Your life has purpose and meaning.

Please order this affordable and effective book today. You will be glad you did.

“It is very hard and emotional work to look at yourself and how you have been sabotaging your self with negative thoughts your parents told you forty years ago. They were wrong, I am not worthless. I will keep working on the list of successes you gave us to remind myself that I am capable and smart. I want to do better with my children and I will start today.” – Kathy, participant at parenting conference

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