How to Help Your Kids Like Themselves

Part of the “77 Ways to Parent” Series.


Imagine what your child feels like in school or social situations? Can you picture the self-conscious shuffling of feet and downward stare? How would you like to discover simple, effective and honest ways to help your child to gain self-esteem and confidence?

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering what you did or said that made your child run out of the room and slam the door? You will understand how to not take it personally when they reject your council and advice. You will discover new ways of communication that will be more effective and long lasting with your child, no matter what age they are.

Suppose I were to tell you that simply by changing the way you ask your child how their day went would make an astonishing difference? Do you wonder what would happen if they became empowered to stand up for themselves?

You will gain appreciation for your child’s strengths and help him or her to develop social skills that will help them feel comfortable in all situations.
Suppose you were able to find just the right words to say that gave your child courage to find friends or try out for the play? Wouldn’t that feel great?

This small booklet is crammed with proven results gained from years of parent education classes with parents just like you. Most parents love their children and want their kids to like themselves, but are not sure how to help them.

Judy Helm Wright also known as “Auntie Artichoke” has spent years working with coaches, parents, day care providers, grandparents, foster families and others. You will find yourself nodding your head and agreeing with the suggestions and ideas.

The genuine advice and suggestions will resonate with your spirit and your desire to help your child to like themselves. There is nothing magic or mysterious, just little “tweaks” that turn self-hate to self-acceptance and eventually to self-love.

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