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Kids, Chores & More – How to Get Your Kids to Help at Home

A practical parenting guide, written by a real expert – a real mom of real kids who actually do help out at home! This book gives you ready to use advice that can be applied today. You will not find solutions on how to get a clean house, but rather how to have cooperative children.

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Kids, Chores & More – How to Get Your Kids to Help at Home
By Judy H. Wright

It contains a full section on realistic expectations for each age group.

  • Learn how doing less for your children will give you more quality time with them.
  • Find over 50 specific ideas to make getting help from your kids more fun and enjoyable.
  • Discover practical tips for organizing your home to make housework easier for everyone.
  • Learn techniques to reinforce positive actions and discourage unacceptable behavior.
  • Find many more ideas you can actually use to help you get the household help you deserve.


Household Goals
A Parent’s Role
The Balancing Act
Family Council
Realistic Expectations
Preschool & Kindergarten
Primary Grades
Intermediate Grades
Middle School & Junior High
High School
Ways to Get Kids to Help at Home
Getting Organized
Organizational & Teaching Tools
Follow-ups and Reinforcement
Pulling It All Together

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