Spirit & Strength


Spirit & Strength – Women of the Club – Our Stories
By Judy H. Wright

This book is a work from the heart and intended to touch your spirit in a very personal way. Even if you never meet the women whose stories are documented, they will become your friends forever.


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Born from the 20th anniversary celebration of the Women’s Club, the largest women only health club with swimming facilities in the world, this book shares pivotal stories of amazing women. Through these pages and incredible photos, you will meet some very special women who candidly disclose both happy and heartbreaking moments.

You will find stories which will:

  • Encourage you
  • Inspire you
  • Seem like a personal message to you
  • Be just what you needed to read today
  • Make you cry
  • Make you laugh out loud
  • Touch your heart and spirit
  • Parallel your own life