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The Left Out Child – The Importance of Friendship

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By Judy H. Wright

“How come girls invite everybody to their birthday party but me? Don’t they know that hurts my feelings?” – Marcie, 3rd grade

“Sometimes my mom calls up her friend and tells her to make her son like me. I really hate that.” – Tyler, 3rd grade

Friendship is the basic foundation of all relationships. It is the mutually respectful exchange of ideas, courtesy, respect and care.

This book is full of techniques and ideas to share with children which will help them be more likeable and open to friendship. You cannot make others like your child, what you can do is make your child the kind of person who others will want to be friends with. Here’s a little example that is expanded upon in this book:

10 Ways to Help Your Child Make Friends:

  1. Say hello first and smile
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Find a common interest
  4. Listen to what they say
  5. Say “you” more than “I”
  6. Be pleasant to be around
  7. Watch your body language
  8. Treat others as you would like to be treated
  9. Ask to join in the fun
  10. Don’t take it personally

Teach and model these behaviors on a daily basis and you will find your social circles enlarging as others are drawn to you as a friend. The more detailed descriptions and activities are listed in The Left Out Child- The Importance of Friendship

You will also find the words to say and facial expressions which is very helpful in teaching inner personal skills.

Also included in The Left Out Child – the Importance of Friendship:

  • 15 ways to help kids like themselves
  • Guiding social development and personal growth skills
  • Ages and stages of friendship
  • Why is it important to be included
  • Is it harder to make friends now than it used to be
  • How important is it to help our child be more likeable
  • Difference between friendship and popularity
  • What do I do if teacher or coach doesn’t like our child
  • How do I comfort my left out child
  • Overcoming Shyness and building confidence
  • Playground politics. Yikes!

You can’t force people to like you or your child. But, you can attract and draw them to you as a friend if you supply food and energy that will satisfy the three basic emotional hungers: acceptance, approval and appreciation.

This simple, easy-to-read e-book is filled with easy-to-do ideas that will help strengthen confidence and build likeability in you and your child. Order it today. You will be glad you did!

“Thanks for coming to our school today. It makes me feel better to know that everybody doesn’t hate me.” – David, 3rd grade

“I really liked how you taught us about personal space. Some kids just suck my breath away and I can’t stand it. Now I know how to set better boundaries.” – Emma, 3rd grade

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