Why would you want to write a book?

  1. It builds massive authority. People perceive being a published author as a monumental task and something that makes you a very credible resource.
  1. Books make great promotional tools. We can give the book away for free for people and ask them to just cover shipping. We can use it as a “business card” at events. We can bundle it in as a bonus to various other projects.
  1. It creates a new revenue stream. This book will be sold on Amazon, iBooks, and in actual bookstores, generating a little extra passive income for us.
  1. The time you spend on it is miniscule compared to the length of time it will be generating revenue for you.

Artichoke Press LLC is happy to work with authors from around Montana and the US to publish their books. For a flat rate, we will help you navigate publishing your book online or in print. For additional fees, we will also work with you to create a cover and promote your book. All books will be listed under Products on the Artichoke Press website. Once your book has been published you will earn full royalties from all sales of your book. You will also have full control and responsibility for promoting your book and operating your social media– but we will start you off on the right track.

Media Interview/Podcast or Memoir Interview $300 

Judy Helm Wright, a member of Association of Personal Historians and a popular radio show host will interview you for 1.5 hours and transcribe the mp3.  You will receive the edited podcast, transcription, cover and list of SEO keywords as well as exposure to our reach of 25,000.

Additional hours to move the spoken word into a written book is charged at a rate of $30 an hour. If you decided to move forward with a tangible book, we will work together to build a personal publishing package.

Blogging/Articles/Ghost Writing

All blog posts and articles are original and researched for your individual business or organization. Since this is such a specialized program, please call us to discuss pricing.


Bonus/Give Away/Special Report: $400

If you have a manuscript that is ready to be published, Artichoke Press can publish it into a downloadable file with live links. This price is for a manuscript 5000 to 10,000 words in length.  Additional length may require additional charges. We will format, design a cover and provide links and copy for you to be able to use this as a gift for email subscriber.

Publishing an eBook: $800

Artichoke Press will also accept mostly complete manuscripts with fully prepared cover art, and will work with you to proofread and edit your book until it is ready for publication. We will help you navigate the many venues for eBook publishing, help you decide which is most appropriate for your book, and publish through that venue. This is the best option for authors whose books are finished, but who do not want to deal with the in’s and out’s of learning how to format, publish and promote on Amazon, Smashwords, Kindle, iBooks etc..

We’ll also accept manuscripts without fully prepared cover art. For an additional $40 per hour, we’ll help you design a unique cover. We will assist you in setting up the Author’s Page, Book Description & Categories.  This package includes a press release and one review.

Publish a Hard Copy and eBook: $1600

This trade paperback or soft cover non-fiction book is often called a”Business Card” book. Even though both the physical and electronic versions are often available on similar platforms, the formatting and distribution differs. We will accept mostly completed (very few changes) manuscripts and help you proofread, edit, layout, and work with you on proofs.

Your manuscript will be copyedited, content and grammar edited and run through CopyScape. If there will be more than 40 hours of editing required, there will be an additional charge of $25 per hour to get the manuscript error (as much as possible) free and ready to publish.

You will receive one proof of final editing and one after any corrections.  Should other proofs or changes be made, there will be an additional fee.

Your manuscript will be copyedited, content and grammar edited and run through CopyScape.

In addition to being formatted for CreateSpace, Kindle and SmashWords, we will make sure it is formatted for Mobi & ePub.

If your manuscript is non-fiction, business, fiction, children’s book, guidebook, recipe, self-help or young adult, we will target the social media and reader’s forums that will help move you to a best-seller status. However, we will not be responsible for marketing efforts beyond this.

You will be responsible for the cover art and copy for the back of cover.  We will format the cover and interior.

We will develop the “Amazon Look Inside”, description, author’s page and categories. You will also receive two positive book reviews and a press release that will reach media outlets in a national area.

You will work closely with the publisher (Judy Helm Wright dba Artichoke Press LLC) as well as carefully chosen editors, layout artists, and marketing people.

We will also provide you with five complimentary copies of your book and help you set up your own accounts with platforms so you can order as many books as you wish at the wholesale + shipping price.  Most soft cover books retail at $7.99 to $19.99 but your wholesale costs are approximately $3.00 each. Many authors recover the cost of publishing with Artichoke Press by selling books at the book signing.

This is, again, the best option for those who would like to go through the editing process with their complete manuscript, as well as publish a hard edition of their book for sale and to use in marketing their business or organization.

Social Media Management

If you would like to establish a presence for yourself and/or your book online, we charge $40 an hour for social media management. This can include setting up a website, a Tumblr blog, Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest, About.Me, LinkedIn, Google+, and other social media accounts. Artichoke Press can also promote your publication through our own social media channels. Once your book is published, you will have full control and responsibility for promoting your book and operating your social media–we will start you off on the right track.

To get in touch with us about publishing your book or assistance with promotion, please use the contact form on our Contact page or email Artichoke Press directly at When emailing Judy directly, please use “Publishing with Artichoke Press” in the subject line or your email will go to spam. Thank you for your consideration of Artichoke Press!