Woof, woof–Rosie gets a new bed from One for Pets.

Hello, my name is Rosie Wright and I used to be the Queen of the castle. My dog mother was a royal type of Icelandic Sheep Dog and my dog dad is….well, what can I say?  He was a fence jumping black Labrador! I am nine years old and in human years, that’s getting up there. I could and did sleep in any bed in the place.

I could even jump up on the sofa when no one was looking. And my special trick is to jump off the sofa when I heard the car coming down the driveway.They may have guessed I had been on the sofa, but I looked so innocent that they just laughed and said “How are you doing, old girl? Did you have fun today? We sure do love you.”

Our folks operate a Veteran Owned company called www.AnimalHumanConnection.com

Animal Human Connection, Veteran Owned Business, Rosie, Focus, Dwain and Judy helm Wright

Dwain & Judy Wright with fur-kids Focus & Rosie

that studies how people and pets help each other live happy lives. So we do a lot of sharing around here. Mom and Dad Wright used to scratch my ears and take me for long walks. I frequently snuggled up beside one or the other when we were taking a nap. It was easy to climb in their big old bed and they didn’t complain too much.

But then… two natural disasters came to bother me. One was arthritis in my hips and back legs. What the heck? I can outrun the best of them. At least I used to be able to. But now, it hurts when I put too much effort into my jumps or long walks. Mom and Dad give me supplements and we share our aches and pains with each other with pats and licks.

However, the second disaster was a little white ball of fur that came home for Christmas a year ago. Her name was Focus and she was a “lap dog” for Heaven’s sake. Her sole purpose was to sit on Mom’s lap while she wrote books and help her to focus on her sentence structure.

Oh yeah, like that wasn’t going to happen! Focus was about as unfocused as a squirrel.   Jumping all over and bugging  me when I was trying to rest. It was a hard life, I tell you. She wanted to be my friend, but I was a little annoyed to be knocked off my throne by a ball of white cotton.

Ebony and Ivory

But, as my Mom keeps saying “Okay kids, get along—you are sisters now.” Sometimes she would sing this song about Ebony and Ivory, who lived together in perfect harmony.

As if!

My folks like to travel and when I see the green suitcase come out I get nervous. Usually, they will bring us along if they are visiting grandkids who love us. But, if they are visiting people who don’t like animal licks or an occasional hair or two in the food, then we have to stay here.

Focus and I race to get in the car so they won’t accidently forget us.

My New Bed Arrives

 My folks were excited about getting me a new bed that would help my achy hips and old bones.This amazing new bed is great

one for pets-All for love, Artichoke,interlaced air mattress, dog bed, one for pets,

Don’t leave us behind. We love our new interlaced air mattress bed.

and will also allow me to sleep comfortably where ever we went. One for Pets- All for love www.one4pets.com had just the right thing.

It is an Orthopedic interlaced Air Mattress, that is recommended by veterinarians for aging pets or pets recovering from surgery.

I loved it the first time I climbed on. It felt like “home” to me. Mom was so excited as she was reading out loud how much this new bed would mean to our family. I didn’t care that she was reading from the website as long as I got to relax and go to sleep on my own new bed.


Characteristics of the Orthopedic Interlaced Air Pet Mattress

  • High Resilience ensures durability and comfort during use.  While sleeping on it, the mattress responds to body moves and allows easy body turns.
  • Excellent Air Permeability allows the mattress to be used in all seasons.  As it is interlaced with fine polymer tubes and air, it can keep the mold, stains and bacteria free and the mattress dry.
  • Non-toxic Materials which conform to European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Regulation (EC) No.1907/2006 concerning REACH are used for the Interlaced Air Mattresses.
  • A Healthy Micro-environment is created for you and your pet as the body pressure, heat and moisture are evenly dispersed and dissipated on this highly breathable mattress.
  • Highly Recommended by Veterinarians for pets recovering from surgery or for aged pets with below issues:

-hip dysplasia
-arthritis and inflammation
-joint pain, stiffness and cracking

The Traveling Bed

one for pets, all for love, interlaced air mattress, the ultimate sleep solution, Rosie's new bed,dog bed

Ready to go. Have new bed, will travel. Thanks, “One For Pets- All For Love‘ for making this great bed for us. Focus &Rosie



The very first trip we took in the car after getting my new bed, was a little interesting. Focus, of course, wanted to curl up next to me. But that was okay, cause by now we are becoming best buds and sharing sisters. Most of the time!

The bed slid into the back of the car perfectly and with a little help getting in, I was able to settle down for a good nap. When we got to the grandkid’s house, Dad just lifted the air mattress out of the car and placed it in the room we were sleeping in.

I heard him whisper to Mom, “She has a better bed than we do tonight.”


My Seal of Approval

 My pet parent mom says that this bed has won awards and I want to add my own seal of approval.

“I pawsitivily love my new bed. Thanks for making it nice to take a nap.” By Rosie Wright

PS: Be sure to order your wonderful air mattress bed at www.one4pets.com You and your pet will be so glad you did.