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Are You An Author-ity? Write A Book & Become An Expert

If you have a book inside you, now is the time to move it from your heart and head into the hands of readers. You have a message to share with the world. Writing is hard work, but you will become an expert and authority.

Understanding Publishing Paths

Publishing has never been more accessible to authors than it is today. Many writers decide to self-publish themselves on Amazon, others choose to partner with a literary agency, and still others continue to go the route of traditional publishing. But because there are so many publishing options, it’s easy to get lost in questions like: “Where do I upload my manuscript? How do I know the formatting is right? How does distribution work? Where can I get a decent cover? What’s the difference between DIY publishing and assisted publishing? How and where do I distribute online and around the country?”

We found this infographic from Aerogramme Writers’ Studio and want to pass it on so that you can clear up questions you have about today’s crazy, complex, publishing industry.

In this infographic, Artichoke Press falls under the “fully assisted” category. We will help you publish your finished book and work with you on design and editing for one solid price, and we will work with our writers until they are completely satisfied with their end product. For more info on our publishing prices, check out our Publishing information here.

We are happy to discuss pricing and publishing option, marketing opportunities, distribution options, or even just answer any questions you might have about any of the many fields of publishing, even if you are unsure of which path you will choose.

We look forward to hearing from you!